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Sterling Silver Amethyst Gemstone Ring

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Amethyst is the most popular and valuable member of the quartz family of gemstones. Before the turn of the twentieth century, only royalty and the aristocracy could wear amethyst. While the prices became much more affordable, the allure of amethyst has never waned. 925 hollowed out Sterling Silver. The emerald cut is the main inlaid gemstone. Prone setting in ring sizes 6, 7, 8,and 9. Excellent gift for a party, anniversary, engagement, birthday, or wedding. Discover the elegance and luxury of amethyst, once reserved for royalty and the elite. Now available at a much more affordable price, this gemstone in a stylish emerald cut is encased in a 925 hollowed out Sterling Silver setting and is available in ring sizes 6-9. Perfect for any special occasion, including parties, anniversaries, engagements, birthdays, and weddings. It's the perfect gift for any special occasion. This once-reserved-for-royalty gemstone has become much more affordable, and its allure has never waned. Encased in a 925 hollowed out Sterling Silver setting, the elegant and luxurious amethyst in a stylish emerald cut is available in ring sizes 6-9. Discover the timeless beauty of amethyst for yourself or a loved one.